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Where is my pre-ordered book?

Where is my pre-ordered book?

This is a frequent question from our customers. This is because most of our orders are PRE-ORDERS. And YES it can take up to and in some cases over a year to produce a book. By pre-ordering the book, you receive approximately a 20% discount off the final retail price and you can customize your book with cover upgrades or personalization. These options are not available after the book has been released.

Below is a list of status updates for our current projects. We strive to keep your book project moving in the production process once it has been sent to us for design or manufacturing. However, there are various reasons why your book my be delayed in being published. They may include:

    • Not enough pre-orders. Sometimes we do not put a book into full production until we reach a certain number of pre-orders. Your book may be one of these. Again, your order is kept on file until production starts and your credit card will not be charged until approx. 30-60 days before shipment. If you mailed in a check, these monies are kept in a separate account specifically for your book project.

    • Most of our books are sponsored by a third party organization, like a historical society, local union, fire or police department and in some cases an individual author. And mostly, the content of the book is being edited or compiled by a book committee. Due to conflicting schedules, sometimes it takes the committee longer to submit the original materiel for production or to return a proof to us for final manufacturing. This is no one person's fault. 99.9% of the book committee members are volunteers and they are striving to get the book done as much as we are. We will be glad to provide you information on how to contact your book project's committee if you want to hurry them along.Wink! Wink!

    • Although rare, there may gave been a problem in manufacturing. Things like downtime at the printing facility or a truck breaking down during shipment, a late discovered error and even the weather may effect the publication of the book. Rest assured that we are working as quickly as possible to get things back on the right track.

    • There may be a problem with your particular book. If you ordered a personalized book, it may have been damaged in shipment to us from the printing facility or we have discovered a manufacturing error with your book and we are having it corrected and new book personalized.

    • We may be waiting for additional information from you. Do you have a new credit card number or shipping address? Although we make every effort to keep your account current, things may change between the time you place your order and when the book ships. Please make sure we have the most up-to-date information so that your shipment is not delayed.

    In the MailIt is in the mail. Seriously. Our standard shipping usually takes 7-10 days through the USPS. When a book arrives from the printer in our office, we ship individual orders as soon as possible. Typically all pre-orders for a title are shipped to individuals within a week of them arriving in our office. If your friends are receiving their books, please be patient. Chances are yours will arrive in a few days. If not, give us a call. Perhaps there was a problem with your order.

    Below is a list of anticipated ship dates for our publications in Pre-Order Status. This is updated about once a month. If you at any time need more information, please feel free to contact us.
MT Ship dates
Civil Service Departments
Status Update
Anticipated Ship Date
Broward County Sheriff's Department Taking Pre-Orders
Summer 2016
Chicago Fire Department 2015 At Press
Late February 2017
Marion County, IN Sheriff's Department Taking Pre-Orders
Summer 2016
City of Miami, FL Fire Department Taking Pre-Orders
Summer 2017
North Carolina Division of Theft and License Bureau Taking Pre-Orders
Summer 2017
Sacramento City Fire Department Taking Pre-Orders
Summer 2017
Wichita Fire Department 130 Years Currently Accepting Pre-Orders
Local History Books
Status Update
Anticipated Ship Date
Mt. Vernon, IN Bicentennial Taking Pre-Orders
Spring 2017
Status Update
Anticipated Ship Date
Sons & Daughters of Pearl Harbor Survivors Shipped
November 2016
Updated 1/4/17
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